Transitions Part 2

These poems have come from various sources. I do not claim credit for any of them. These have come by way of list server, or classroom notes so the authors are unknown to me.


It’s time to watch and listen

W’re going to read a book

We’ll sit down on the rug

And use our eyes to look

We’ll look at pictures

And hear the story, too

Oh, what fun it is to share

Storytime with you!


I’ll wiggle my fingers and wiggle my toes,

I’ll wiggle my arms and wiggle my nose.

And now that all the wiggles are out,

We’ll listen to what circle’s about.


I stretch my fingers away up high

Until they almost reach the sky

I lay them in my lap and you see

Where they’re as quiet as they can be.


Twinkle Twinkle little star

Time to clean up where you are

Put each toy back in its place

keep a smile upon your face

Twinkle, twinkle little star

Time to clean up where you are.


Sung to: If You’re Happy and You Know It!

When we’re walking in the hall, we’re very quiet

When we’re walking in the hall, we’re very quiet

When we’re walking in the hall, we’re very quiet

And we never, never, ever push our neighbors!


Its time to tidy up, tidy up,

Now it’s time to tidy up and put your work away

(Tune of your own)


Lets sit for a story

For a story, For a story

Lets sit for a story,

Please come and sit with me


Sung to: Farmer in the Dell

Im glad (Child’s name) came to school,

Im glad (Child’s name) came to school,

We’ve planned lots of fun for you

Im glad (Child’s name) came to school.


Sung to: Row, Row, Row Your Boat

(Child’s name) Sing, sing with me

Sing out loud and clear

To tell the children everywhere

That music time is here


Sung to: London Bridges

(Child’s name) put the toys away

Toys away, toys away

(Child’s name) put the toys away.

It’s cleanup time


Sung to: Oh My Darlin Clementine

Freeze freese

Time to clean up

Let’s all help to clean our classroom

So we can go to circle time (or next activity)


If you want to hear a story

This is what you’ve got to do

Got to sit on the rug like the pretzels do

so find your place, and clap your hands

so your teacher’ll know that you under stand

That’s right! (Thats right)

That’s right!


You need to listen, need to look and see

if your name is _________ come stand by me

(or if you’re wearing a color, or many other variations)


One little, two little, three little children

four little, five little, six little children,

seven little, eight little, nine little children,

All in the circle